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Guenther Weber

Founder and

CEO Weber

Maschinenbau GmbH

Jarrod McCarroll, CEO

Weber North America

Dear Readers –

After 9 successful years of publishing Modern Deli magazine, today seems like the perfect time to take a fresh look at how the information needs and media consumption habits of you, our readers, have changed in the past decade.

The goal of our self-examination: To remain a source of valuable content that will help to improve your business, expose you to new ideas, stimulate conversation, and, of course, be entertaining.

What did we learn? Spurred on by the tablet computer and smartphone revolution, the biggest publishing challenge in the decade just completed has been the need to make information more accessible, more portable, more concise and more visual.

Modern Deli Mobile is our solution. From today forward, your Modern Deli will be delivered in smaller, more digestible “bytes.” Rather than the 24-page magazine delivered to your desk, each issue of Modern Deli Mobile will contain only one quick story or market study, with quick takeaways you can implement. Each of the monthly “issues” we have planned will be delivered to your inbox. Read at your convenience, anywhere, any time, on any desktop or mobile device.

Each story will also be archived right here on our Modern Deli Mobile site for later reference. We’ve even begun the archive with the most popular story from our last print issue.

We hope you will enjoy this and every issue of Modern Deli Mobile. Share them with friends. And, be sure to use the Contact Us online form to tell us how you like the change and suggest any topics for future stories you would enjoy.

Thanks for your continuing support,

Jarrod and Guenther




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